Structural and Architectural Concrete

Structural and Architectural ConcreteWhen it comes to structural and architectural concrete, DIVCON, Inc. provides the experience and expertise to help make all of our clients’ projects a success. Our attention to the details and the desired performance of each unique project is of special benefit to the owner. We are constantly searching for new innovations in the concrete industry and bringing the benefit of this research to our clients. Structural and Architectural Concrete includes:


Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
• High insulation value
• Good sound attenuation
• Structural performance of concrete
• Wall heights exceeding 45 ft. unsupported


Pre-cast Concrete Walls
• Site walls
• Dumpster enclosures
• Foundation walls
• Architectural building walls both load bearing and cladding
• Insulated sandwich panels
• Signage


Post Tensioned Concrete
• Structural concrete floors
• Pedestal slabs
• Parking garages


Tower Foundations
• Spread foundations
• Caissons
• 160 tower foundations throughout five western states